Jack’s Blog 

Hi, my name is Jack Grossman and I am retired having been a director with my wife Lynda of a company owned by Tony & Beryl Shapps selling Cine equipment, multi silde projector systems and Astronomical telescopes known world wide as The Widescreen Centre in Nottingham we also had a shop in the West End of London which Tony & Beryl ran, the business was very successful and ran for just over thirty years when Tony and Beryl decided to retire so I did the same.

The Widescreen Centre is still being run successfully by our astronomer Dr Simon Bennett and his Russian wife Elena who bought the business from us. http://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/

Tony Shapps former MD The Widescreen Centre still keeps his hand in by publishing a weekly newsletter called AV Concepts it can be found at http://tonyshapps.wordpress.com Tony is very interested in photography including Panoramic and 3D as well as Flightsim if you would like to receive his newsletter then drop him an email and he will add you to the mailing list just go to https://tonyshapps14.wufoo.com/forms/subscribe-to-av-concepts/.

Tony is also a keen Table Tennis player and a recognised coach and still plays in a team.

I too am interested in photography and have recently purchased  a Pentax Digital camera the K10D which I am very pleased with, it has so many features that Pentax have issued DVD on how to use it, although made for the K20D the K10D has most of the same features, its extremely good giving you a step by step guide to using the camera. I also have a Fuji W1 3D camera, which also shoots 2D and Video this too is a splendid camera

Nowadays’s I do a lot of voluntary work such as helping at the Nottingham, Heritage center which has a line that goes to Loughborough and they also restore old trains.

This photograph was shot with my Pentax, I took four photos and stitched them together using Panorama Maker 3 which can be download free.

Panoramic image of miniature train at Ruddington

I am also a minibus driver for Leonard Cheshire home for disabled residents and get to go on some interesting outings such as canal trips and The Great Central Railway at Loughborough.

Plus I am also a volunteer at Wollaton Hall Nottingham Industrial Museum andf the Brewhouse Yard Museum where I am assembling a database of the Ericcson/Plessey Telephone company of which we have several thousand items where I am working with the curator attempting to work through the store rooms making sure that all items are fully catalogued and recorded it is very interesting.

I am now a volunteer at the Brewhouse Yard Museum in Nottingham

I am also involved in a project for Nottingham Castle Museum called “Trent to the Trenches” which is to mark the centenary of the first world war and I am a team leader charged with producing a slide show of soldiers  who perished in the war, the slide show will be a Power Point presentation and this is the first time I have used it and it took quite a bit of working out how to add sound  , its not an easy task as most of the images are taken from newspapers which are of very poor quality although I have managed to find some pretty good ones. Its a challenging project but it is quite enjoyable.

If anyone out there has any photographs of Nottingham soldiers killed in the first world please let me know.

I  am also on the committee of the West Bridgford University of the Third Age which is a world wide organisation for mainly retired people who want to keep active we currently have 514 members, nationwide there are  858 U3As and 293733 members sharing learning experiences I have been a member for just over three years which I enjoy. I run their website http://westbridgfordu3a.org.uk/and look after all our equipment. I used to teach them how to use a computer but with so much else going on I had to give it up, we also have over 40 activity groups running and have an open meeting once a month where members can sign up to different activities and have a cup of tea or coffee followed by a speaker and a slide show.